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Meet Shannon the Shay-Moose

Say hello to this shy little creature.

This is the first in a line of original designs that you'll be seeing over the next year or so.

The patterns are for the stained glass quilting technique using both fusible bias strips and your own homemade fusible.

While I'm getting the pattern properly written up and printed to go in the shop, I've decided to get a very limited run of this special wee beastie printed on fabric to use as free motion quilting practice. The design will be available shortly in two sizes:

very large 140cm square (55 inches) perfect for a large wall hanging

medium 53cm square (21 inches) my go to cushion or small wall hanging

Here's a sneak preview of the printed designs:

And here's the sample for the stained glass large wall quilt pattern:

Shannon the Shay Moose Approx. A0 size (33"x46")

Testing pattern

Fabric pull

Plating with colour selection

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